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We have purchased our third F450 ambulance from Wheeled Coach this year. We are so happy with the quality of construction and safety features in these rigs. Our Medics are all happier performing their duties in the Wheeled Coach ambulances. Jeff LeBeda was very helpful in the spec process and with any follow ups along the way.
Christine Tregoning
Oak Lawn Fire and Rescue
Oak Lawn, IL
We have been purchasing Wheel Coach Ambulances for many years. I have had positive experiences with both the Sales staff and the Service staff. When there is a problem Wheel Coach addresses the problem in a timely fashion. They have even assisted us in the warranty issues with the manufactures of the truck and products installed by Wheel Coach. Our Ambulances are always out and running. We depend on them to start and run without problems. Like any purchase of vehciles there are always problems. We call the service department and they address the issue. They have even approved our local EVT to do their warranty work allowing us to miminumize the down time of our units.
Denis O'Halloran
Berwyn Fire Department
Berwyn, IL
Our first dealings with Wheeled Coach from start to finish have us sold on future purchases. Their services and product speak for themselves...
Richard Gallaga
Summit Fire Department
Summit, IL