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We currently run F-350 type I ambulances. Great technology and electrical systems went into the units. The maxi-grip handles large surface are wonderful, in addition to AVW grill and corner cap lights. Keep the good work and durabilty.
Robert Burchette
High Point, NC
The hospital purchased a Ford 350 van ambulance in 2000. It still run great. Only routine maintance has been done and we have not had any lights blow.We have not had any problems at all.
Tanya Byrd
Lenoir Memorial Hospital
Kinston, NC
Thanks to Wheeled Coach and to Bob Branham. After more than 35 years in the business, we own our first Wheeled Coach. We are extremely pleased with the truck. Fit and finish is great. Many thanks to Bob Branham. After working with many sales people over the years, I found Bob to be very helpful and great to work with. Thanks
Rick Culberson
Culberson Ambulance
Hagerstown, IN
Thank you for building and supplying another excellent Wheeled Coach Ambulance for our fleet. Our records indicate that this is the thirty-second Wheeled Coach unit to enter our fleet since the 1970's. Our crews are delighted to be working in such a safe unit and the improvements are very much in evidence over previous models. The care you have taken to ensure the unit was shipped safely into the U.K. was excellent. I look forward to a lasting relationship with Wheeled Coach.
A.E. Lewis
United Kingdom
"We currently run F-350 type I ambulances. Great technology and electrical systems went into the units. The maxi-grip handles large surface are wonderful, in addition to AVW grill and corner cap lights. Keep the good work and durabilty."
Robert Burchette
High Point, NC
"The hospital purchased a Ford 350 van ambulance in 2000. It still run great. Only routine maintance has been done and we have not had any lights blow.We have not had any problems at all."
Tanya Byrd
Lenoir Memorial Hospital
Kinston, NC
"Thanks to Wheeled Coach and to Bob Branham. After more than 35 years in the business, we own our first Wheeled Coach. We are extremely pleased with the truck. Fit and finish is great. Many thanks to Bob Branham. After working with many sales people over the years, I found Bob to be very helpful and great to work with. Thanks"
Rick Culberson
Culberson Ambulance
Hagerstown, IN
"Thank you for building and supplying another excellent Wheeled Coach Ambulance for our fleet. Our records indicate that this is the thirty-second Wheeled Coach unit to enter our fleet since the 1970's. Our crews are delighted to be working in such a safe unit and the improvements are very much in evidence over previous models. The care you have taken to ensure the unit was shipped safely into the U.K. was excellent. I look forward to a lasting relationship with Wheeled Coach."
A.E. Lewis
United Kingdom
"We recently took delivery on two new Wheeled Coach E450s after many years with another vender. The vehicles are great! They are well laid out, functional, and user friendly. We look forward to continuing to work with Wheeled Coach on future ambulances."
Kraig Kinney
Putnam County Operation Life
Greencastle, IN
"Being the Director of a small, County owned Ambulance Service, it is important to get the most bang for every buck. That is what Wheeled Coach does and why we keep coming back to them. We're sold on Wheeled Coach"
George Ockerman
Greene County Ambulance Service
Bloomfield, IN
"I have been involved in EMS since 1978. Our service has been involved with Wheeled Coach for over 25 years. Our current sales representative, will stop at nothing to assure our satisfaction. The integrity of Wheeled Coach cannot be beat."
Mark Parkman
Howard Regional Health System
Kokomo, IN
"This is our first Wheeled Coach Ambulance. The workmanship and quality of this ambulance is second to none. The service that we have received from Wheeled Coach has been outstanding. Almost every trip to the ER since we took delivery of this truck we have found other ambulance crews checking out our unit in the ambulance bay, all have found the truck to be of outstanding quality."
James Ragland
Gaston Fire Department
Gaston, IN
"Having purchased a Wheeled Coach medium-duty Rescue every year since 1998, taking delivery of two more 2005 Wheeled Coach medium-duty Rescues would not seem to be a big deal. But it was. Due to an unfortunate roll-over accident involving our 2003 Wheeled Coach Rescue (which is a testimonial in itself the way it held up and protected the firefighters), our sales reprentative, Mike Kwit, worked with the vehicle committee at the Waterford Fire Department, to make significant changes to these two Rescues. The previous six Wheeled Coach Rescues were basically the same and it was time to make changes to meet the needs of our growing fire department. Thanks to the expert advice of our sales reprentative, Mike Kwit, the new Rescues turned out to be more than we had anticpated. From the mechanical, cab, appearance, cabintry, compartments and quality, these Wheeled Coach Rescues set the standard for the industry."
Ronald Spears
Waterford Fire Department
Waterford, MI
"This is our eighth Wheeled Coach truck and I have to admit the best one yet. Bob Branham is an exellent salesman that will do anything to help the customer, that and a beautifully made apparatus is what keeps us coming back."
Dustin Glisson
Franklin County EMS
Brookville, IN
"After considerable investigation our small volunteer fire department purchased a Wheeled Coach Type III for a rescue/BLS nontransport unit. We were extremely pleased with the quality of the unit. Bob Branham, salesman, was an excellent resource person!!"
Bill Horner
Wildcat Township Voluntary FD
Windfall, IN
"I just ordered another 3 Wheeled Coach Type 3 Ambulances bringing my services total to 5.. I have only good things to say about Wheeled Coach...Which is why I went back to them!!"
Fred Agnello
Victory Memorial Hospital
Brooklyn, NY
"I work at a company that owns both Wheeled Coach type II's and Type II ambulances from another manufacturer. We have a lot of older model trucks, but I have to say I always like being in the old Wheeled Coaches better because they feel sturdier, are more reliable, and can hold up a lot more. Wheeled Coach definately manufactures a better and more reliable product hands down."
Ian Damm-Luhr
Worcester, MA
"When I first got into the EMS field the only ambulance that our company had was another brand. My current company uses Wheeled Coach. There is no comparison, Wheeled Coach is durable with no lanolium peeling. It is easy to clean and everything is within arms reach. This just covers the back; where I am most of the time."
Carl Smith
Grenada, MS
"We purchased our 1984 wheeled coach new and it served as our primary response unit for 14 years. We still use it as a secondary unit after nearly 20 years and 82,000 miles. It is still the same dependable unit that we have always enjoyed! Thanks to all of you!"
Brenda Calico
Oroville EMS District
Oroville, WA
"We have purchased a new Wheeled Coach and all of our medics love the rig. There is more room and a better ride and handling than our other rig. We hope to purchase another one ASAP."
David Harrell
Hardin County Ambulance
Rosiclare, IL
"I have been familiar with Wheeled Coach throughout my 26 years in EMS. We just took delivery of our second Wheeled Coach Ambulance (to replace our 1987 Type III) and find the salesman, Jeff Park and the support from Orlando to be second to none in the areas of technical support and replacement parts availability for maintenance items. The quality and support beats all others "Hands Down". Keep up the good work!!!"
LT. John Hobson
Paris Fire & Rescue
Union Grove, WI
"I have been providing quality emergency and non-emergency private ambulance service in Chicago and surrounding suburbs with Wheeled Coach ambulances for about 45 years now. From the very first day that I inherited Tower Ambulance from my father in the early 70ís, I learned that Wheeled Coach provided the best ambulances in the industry. Moreover, Chicago is a very urban environment and experiences heavy traffic daily. Wheeled Coach ambulances hold up well against the rough city driving. Altogether, I am proud that my new company Advance Ambulance has a fleet all made up of Wheeled Coach rigs. I feel very insured to say that a Wheeled Coach made ambulance is standing-by at many of my special event contracts that include Soldierís Field and the United Center. I continue to buy more stock Wheeled Coach ambulances as my company continues to grow."
Brian T. Witek, President
Advance Ambulance
"I have had the opportunity to work in several types of units and find the Wheeled Coach by far the most user friendly and enjoyable experience. We have both a Wheeled Coach and a moduvan in our fleet and have been very impressed with both the performance and service. Thanks for the ride."
Mike Hagar
Drumheller and District Ambulance Service
"I just want to thank Wheeled Coach for the great service and professionalism provided by your representative, Bob Branham. Bob went the extra mile for us and delivered a surperb ambulance. Bob is very dedicated to his job and is excellent at customer relations. He was very thorough in his research to discover exactly what our wants and needs were and made our purchase of a Wheeled Coach Ambulance a very pleasant and smooth process. You certainly deliver! We just received our unit on the 19th so we are quite excited and anxious to put it into service. Thank you for such great service and a great product. And thanks for hiring such an outstanding qualified sales rep!"
Alberta Whitaker
Benton County EMS
"I have been in the ambulance business for about 5 years. I was never introduced to Wheeled Coach until I joined the second largest service in the state of OHIO. There whole fleet consisted of Wheeled Coach units and I certainly love the comfort and durability. In fact, I have looked at only purchasing the same should I start my own private business. THANKS WHEELED COACH!!!"
Jeremy Oney
Urgent Care EMS
Flatwoods, KY
"Our rescue squad located in Spartanburg County. We currently have 4 fulltime, 2 parttime and 12 volunteers in our squad. We are a small squad with a big heart and Wheeled Coach is the truck that is there for us."
Tony Boyette
Rescue 21
Wellford, SC
" I have been working on Wheeled Coach Ambulances my entire career as a Paramedic. There is nothing on the road like it. The craftsmenship and quality of the ambulance beats all, hands down!"
Scott Labonte
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
"In the sunny Bahamas, we have been using Wheeled Coach vehicles for the past 3-4 years. The Type II has proven to be sturdy, tough and a dependable vehicle. I am not responsible for purchasing, but actualy work on the unit It is spacious in both the patient and driver compartments and provides a smooth ride. If properly maintained it will last you a very long time. So I highly recommend Wheeled Coach vehicles for any fire or ambulance service."
Kevin Bell
Rand Memorial Hospital
Freeport, Bahamas
" After visiting the Fire Show in Kansas city this year I would have to agree that Wheeled Coach makes the best looking rescue vehicle on the Market. The vehicles are very spacious and attractive."
Mark Beckner
Ryadon Inc.
Foothill Ranch, CA
"I have been in the EMS field for 23 years in various forms; Municipal, Rural, and Industrial. Over the years, I've worked out of various amubulances. I can honestly tell you the Wheeled Coach Ambulances have been by far the best. The working area, ride and something I've noted to be very important is the electrical systems. Thanks for a quality product over the years."
John Wilson
Atlantic Marine Inc. Medical
Mobile, AL
"I perform service on our fleet of 26 ambulances and many others from our accounts. I can say that Wheeled Coach makes servicing and maintenance easy. The straight forward and simple electrical circuits are the easiest I've ever had to trouble shoot. All wires are labeled and color coded. I've been through hell looking for a simple light problem on other makes. With Wheeled Coach you can go directly to the right circuit, and right to the fault. These vehicles save lives by being in service. When it is in my service bay it helps no one."
John Kabat
HealthEast Transportation
Burnsville, MN
"As a member of the contracted ambulance service for Fort Bliss, we have six Wheeled Coach ambulances. five of which are type I's and one recent addition type II. We have found all of them to be reliable for daily use. Even when our daily use exceeds tempatures over 110 degrees F. Your trucks are stable in the high winds and "brown outs" that frequent this high desert area. thanks for a well made product."
Kevin Storm
El Paso, TX
"Our company went to Wheeled Coach in 1992 and have used their products since. Even when we bought a second rig for a back up. We bought a used Wheeled Coach because of its reliability and construction."
Stuart Ferber
Promised Land Vol Amb.
Greentown, PA
"I help run an EMS program at a local community college and we recently recieved a Wheeled Coach Ambulance by donation from our DHS office and we just absolutely love it keep up the good work."
Mark Taylor
Safford, AZ
"Thank you for our many years of service from our 1994 E350 Wheeled Coach Anbulance. We just took it out of service last week after 211,000+ miles. Other then the normal wear and tear items you could always count on 814. We are 40 miles away from the closest hospital and cover two counties. We respond to many mine sites with very rough roads. Thanks again for your service."
Paul Landy
Whitesville Ambulance Service
Whitesville, WV
"Our fleet of Wheeled Coaches are always on the road, somtimes running more than 300 miles in a 12 hour shift. There rugged dependability let us concentrate on our jobs and not worrying about our trucks."
John Myers
Assured Ambulance
Houston, TX
"I have 2 Type III models I bought over the past couple of years and they're great! I will be buying a new Type I rescue this year from my Wheeled Coach representative."
Stanley Mruk
Coventry Fire Department
Coventry, RI
"I have worked out of Wheeled Coach units at several ambulance services and I am very impressed with the quality and reliability they offer. I am in the process of starting my own service and I plan to use Wheeled Coach as my only choice in my needs for ambulances. I really like what the new Citimedic has to offer and plan to purchase 2 of them in the future. Keep up the great work."
Jeremy Parke
Litton Ambulance
Bluford, IL
"I am a Paramedic in a U.K. Ambulance Service. I loved the Wheeled Coach the day it arrived in our Station and I still love working in it five years later!! This is a solid and safe vehicle that stands out in a crowd"
Paul Kimberley
UK NHS Ambulance Service
St. Agnes Cornwall, UK
"I have been an ambulance tech for 16 years and I have seen a lot of changes in the different squad manufacturers. Wheeled Coach has the best packages that fit our needs to a tee, keep up the great work"
Dallas Whitaker
Urgent Care Aumbulance Service
Portsmouth, OH
Our first dealings with Wheeled Coach from start to finish have us sold on future purchases. Their services and product speak for themselves...
Richard Gallaga
Summit Fire Department
Summit, IL
We have been purchasing Wheel Coach Ambulances for many years. I have had positive experiences with both the Sales staff and the Service staff. When there is a problem Wheel Coach addresses the problem in a timely fashion. They have even assisted us in the warranty issues with the manufactures of the truck and products installed by Wheel Coach. Our Ambulances are always out and running. We depend on them to start and run without problems. Like any purchase of vehciles there are always problems. We call the service department and they address the issue. They have even approved our local EVT to do their warranty work allowing us to miminumize the down time of our units.
Denis O'Halloran
Berwyn Fire Department
Berwyn, IL
"After recently visiting your Orlando facility, I was very empressed with the quality and workmanship involved in the making of a Class I ambulace. Everthing from the frame, to the electrical networking of wires right down to the finished product was very amazing. Looking forward to many years of dependable and reliable service. Thanks...........pcv."
Patrick Vega
Clinton Fire rescue
Clinton, UT
"I'm not exactly a customer, however I did have the "opportunity" to ride in a Wheeled Coach ambulance. Although, I was the patient, I found that the layout was nice, as the amount of space in it was very comfortable and I could tell the paramedics had no promblems when moving around."
Andrew Smith

"We have a stock rig here and so far this has been the best rig I have been in. My other ambulance service has a Taylor Made and a Miller and they are just not as good as the Wheeled Coach. The room and ride are much better and this rig doesn't fall apart like the others. Thanks for making a better rig for all of us that need a good rig."
David Harrell
Hardin County Ambulance
Rosiclare, IL
"We are a volunteer/paid fire department initially providing only 911 services to our community but over the last 8 years we have added interfacility transports to our growing list of responsiblities. The Wheeled Coach products provide the right vehicle for our department needs. We currently have in service a 1994 type I ambulance and 1997 type III ambulance which provide medical and rescue needs for our 911 calls, for the interfacility transports we have 2 moduvans in service. One is a 1997 with well over 200,000 miles and the other a newer 2001 model. The fire district has been pleased with the reliability and features of the Wheeled Coach products such as the safe air system. We have just ordered another 2003 Moduvan and by next year a Type III ambulance. We have become a Wheeled Coach customer and would highly recommend there product to any fire or ambulance service."
Adam Amezaga
Ashley Ambulance Service
Rio Rico, AZ
"I would just like to say that I'm very happy with the quality of your ambualnces. I have ridden in both type I and III rigs built by your company. They all have good features that are easy to access and use. Simple is always better when your working under stress. We are also very happy with the engine power we have. The Ford turbo deisel will get up and move. But best of all is the very nice pricing you are able to offer. Keep up the good work."
Eric Heupel
Ashley Ambulance Service
Ashley, ND
"I'd like to start by saying that Wheeled Coach has put out one of the best trucks that I have ever driven. The company that I am affilaited with has two of them. We rarely have problems with our trucks and in the rare instance we do, they are taken care of precisely. I look foward to purchasing another Wheeled Coach ambulance in the future. Keep up the good work Wheeled Coach."
Jon Abeita
Isleta, NM
"After seeing other competition and workmanship, its obvious the Wheeled Coach is an industry leader in the final product of todays medical and fire/rescue industry."
Tim Schemel
Hillsborough County Fire Rescue
Seffner, FL
"Great ambulances! We have two in our service and we are getting one more at the end of August."
Marie Barka
Isleta EMS
Los Lunas, NM
"I work for a private ambulance company that contracts services for several counties. We use a variety of ambulances, but I like our Wheeled Coach units the best you just can't beat them for roominess, layout, and construction. Other units that have the fiberglass tops are coming apart and leaking. We have never had that problem with Wheeled Coach. We love them and the staff is always so helpful when we call for information."
Keith Morrisett
New Johnsonville, TN
"We purchased a 2000 Type 3 from Wheeled Coach and we absolutely love it. We have had everything from nosebleeds to codes and multiple traumatic injuries and the Wheeled Coach has come through every time. Way to go W.C. and keep up the good work."
Lee Powell
Covington EMS
Moscow, PA
"Our department recently received our 3rd medic from your company. All within the last 12 months. They are excellent vehicles, setup with our needs in mind. Quick to deliver. Great comfort to drive & ride with the patient."
Timothy Hicks
Clayton Fire Department
Clayton, OH
"In my opinion Wheeled Coach makes the best ambulance for the same or less money than the competition. And, their ambulances whether new or used are some of the best performing emergency service vehicles on the market today!"
Robert Gaffney
Bloomingdale, OH
"Having worked as an EMT / paramedic for over seven years, I have been in many kinds of rigs. Wheeled Coach has consistently provided superior vehicles. The set up is completely patient care friendly and the comfort is top notch."
Nick Carcieri
Med Tech Ambulance
Pawtucket, RI
"I have ran out of many types and models of ambulances, however the Wheeled Coach ambulances have been by far the best built, and best running rigs yet. Keep up the good work!!"
Barry Follmann
Williamson County Ambulance
Herrin, IL
"We have 2 Wheeled Coach ambulances at our department. They are the best ambulances we have ever owned. We have another manufacturers ambulance that is very small and we have to rotate it out with one of the Wheeled Coach units. My crew hates to drive that other manufacturers ambulance."
Vernon Abeita
Isleta Ambulance
Perealta, NM
"I have been working in EMS for 5 years now, and it hasn't taken me long to see that the WHEELED COACH units that we use are superior to the others in our fleet. The box set-up provides more room (for tall Paramedics, like myself...who usually come out of the back of the other units with a BAD BACK!), with a convenient arrangement for supplies. The controls are easy to manage, and the units themselves handle better than any of the other box or van units that we use. In addition, our maintenance requests are nowhere near as frequent as any of the others! I'm glad that we have a WHEELED COACH unit as our assigned unit! (...and my BACK is, too!)"
Dan Jackson

Rural/Metro of Shelby County, TN
"We have been phasing in Wheeled Coach units for the past few years. Five out of six of our front line units are Wheeled Coach E-450's. The previous manufacturer of our ambulances cannot hold a candle to the Wheeled Coach quality."
Jason Little
Iredell County EMS
Statesville, NC
"Argonia EMS is a small volunteer EMS service in South Central Kansas. We are running a 1989 Collins Type III ambulance and we purchased a Wheeled Coach Type III Demo recently. We have had really good support from sales and service personnel including middle of the night assistance with parts. We are looking forward to our next new Wheeled Coach Ambulance in the future."
Anderson Lowe
Argonia EMS
Argonia, KS
"After many years of Type 2 and 3 ambulances, we decided to switch to Type 1 units, and ordered our 1st ambulance in 1995. Everyone we had dealings with at Wheeled Coach made the ordering and purchasing experience as simple and painfree as possible. We had several special design requests and they fufilled them with no problem. We were so well pleased with the 1st unit, we have since ordered 2 more, one in 1996 and one in 2001. We are very pleased with them and will continue to order from Wheeled Coach in the future. All 3 units are still in use and the boxes have given us no problems. The only repairs are for the normal wear and tear you would expect from a chassis. Wheeled Coach definately builds a quality product, and after touring their assembly line, it becomes even more evident after observing the attention to detail the workers give. No question a top notch operation."
Kelly Burgess
Bennett's Creek Volunteer Rescue Squad
Suffolk, VA
"I have been in EMS for about 4 years now and with the exception of 3 vehicles at my job, I have always worked on Wheeled Coach ambulances. Wheeled Coach trucks are, in my opinion, the best built, most recognizable truck in the business. I have been on several different trucks and they all have one or two selling features on them, but Wheeled Coach ambulances have a multitude of features. MY favorite ambulance is the Medical Attack Vehicle that we have at work. It has plenty of room in the extended cab, rides like a dream, and has a tighter turning radius than the brand new F450's that we just bought. I am so convinced that Wheeled Coach is the best ambulance in the industry that I talked our Captain at the volunteer squad that I work at to buy a Wheeled Coach for our new truck. We are expecting delivery of our new Custom series any day now. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep plugging your name everywhere I have the chance."
Jonathan Dotson
Lenoir County EMS
Chocowinity, NC
"We just took possession of our new Type I Custom Series rig and it has to be one of the smoothest riding vehicles I've ever been in. With 5 years on the job in the Motor City and with the condition of our roads, this rig runs smooth almost like we received new roads in the package! And, we really love the room in the back with the extra space for our Thumper CPR machine. This area gives us more room to work with when we need it and brother do we need the room! And, the citizens like it too! Thanks Wheeled Coach for another outstanding ambulance. Looking forward to how you out do yourselves next time."
Ron Szwarc
Detroit Fire Department - EMS Division
Detroit, MI
"I work for a small hospital based transport service which operates two Wheeled Coach Moduvans. We have been very happy with the service these units have given us. One unit has 100,000 miles and the other has 200,000 miles. They both operate like new. We have had great satisfaction with the ambulances and the service that we get from Wheeled Coach. Keep making great products."
Danny Smith
Stonewall Jackson Hospital Ambulance Service
Lexington, VA
"Every company I've worked for used Wheeled Coach, as well as other manufacturers, but it was always a fight for who got to drive the Wheeled Coach. Wheeled Coach has the patient care area laid out perfectly for all emergencies. Plenty of cabinet space for everything we carry, and then some. Plus, plenty of room in the cabinets for our trauma bags and drug box. Thank you Wheeled Coach for thinking about us when laying out the action area."
Adrian Dsouza
Lifeline Ambulance
Ottawa, IL
"I have worked for several ambulance companies and the latest one has a fleet of all Wheeled Coach. I can definately tell the difference between a Wheeled Coach rig and someone elses. Everything fits together so well, all of the parts look like they were designed to be put together and they don't look like someone just put together whatever pieces they could find. Wheeled Coach makes wonderful rigs."
Daniel Keeler
MedEx Ambulance
Evanston, IL
"Since our company opened in Marion, Illinois in 1994. We have used Wheeled Coach exclusively. We are currently on our ninth purchase of a Wheeled Coach vehicle, and I can't say enough about the fantastic quality and value of these vehicles. Thank You Wheeled Coach!"
Larry Trone
Life Line EMRS
Marion, IL
"The Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department began providing Emergency Medical Service to its residents in 1981. At that time, we purchased a new Wheeled Coach Ambulance and a Used Wheeled Coach Ambulance. Years later, in 1989, we again purchased another new Wheeled Coach Ambulance. In 1991, the low bidder was another ambulance manufacturer. Again, in 1998, another ambulance manufacturer was selected as low bidder. We have been very dissatisfied with the last two ambulances we have purchased. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to bid our next ambulance and we sincerely hope that the low bidder will be Wheeled Coach. Our first three Wheeled Coach ambulances were exceptional units and worked well for us."
Kenneth Justus
Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department
Mantua, OH
"I have been riding Wheeled Coach ambulances for 10 years now and no other brand can hold up to Wheeled Coach quality. Their trucks are put together piece by piece at the factory and not prefabricated like others. Wheeled Coach ambulances are quality built to last on the road or in the city. I would recommend them for any department."
Kenny Hamilton
Lenoir County EMS
Pink Hill, NC
"We purchased our unit from Wheeled Coach in 1998. It was the first "new" truck we had since 1989! Our squad definitely is proud of this truck and we are working on purchasing another one! Keep up the good work, Wheeled Coach!"
Michael Smith
Cherokee Rescue
Cherokee, AL
"Our squad recently purchased 2 "2000" E-450 ambulances. They are the best trucks we have EVER had! Wheeled Coach is the only company I know that takes time and pride in their work. Keep up the good job, and thank you for all you do in the E.M.S. field."
Brandon Jones
Cana Rescue Squad, Inc.
Cana, VA
"The Moduvan LE is a great ambulance. The Moduvan LE rides a little smoother than our old unit and is really high tech and up to date with the changing needs of our community. I love it, I would recommend Wheeled Coach to anyone who wants to buy an ambulance. Thanks Wheeled Coach."
Derek Ealy
Belle Plaine Area Ambulance
Belle Plaine, IA
"Having worked in the EMS field for 15 years, I am working in a service that just received 3 Type III ambulances. The quality and workmanship was evident as soon as we saw the vehicles. The interior finish is the best I have seen to date. Congratulations on a well designed product."
Mark Castle
Royal Commission Medical Centre
Madinat Yanbu Al Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia
"With one exception, we have purchased nothing but Wheeled Coach units since 1991. Our exception was a non-Wheeled Coach remount in 1993 and were we ever sorry. Now we have an all Wheeled Coach fleet of 12 moduvans. We couldn't be happier!"
R. Gregory Showalter
Cabell County EMS
Huntington, WV
"I work for a small EMS system. We have bought three Wheeled Coaches in the past 3 years. Two in the past year. We only have 3 transport units in the whole county. I must say Wheeled Coach has the most dependable ambulances on the market today. Thanks for all the hard work you put into them."
Josh Henson
Union Co. EMS
Pacolet Mills, SC
"We purchased our first of 4 Wheeled Coach ambulances in 1988. That unit is still up and running. We will take delivery of #4 July 1, 2002. The quality of units and responsiveness of the company keep us coming back."
Eileen Williams
Lake Jackson VFD
Manassas, VA
"As a service tech. I have the advantage of the technical help from the guys in Florida. There hasn't been a service issue Wheeled Coach hasn't been able to help me solve yet, and we service 21 total Wheeled Coach units in our city alone. Everything about the ambulance and their layouts are an electrical techs dream."
Cecil Hall
Pollard Ford Service Dept.
Lubbock, TX
"I love working on the Wheeled Coach ambulance. I've been working on them for the past two years. We should also remember all of the EMS & Fireman that have given their lives to help save others."
Thomas Moore
Stony Creek Fire/Rescue
Rocky Mount, NC
"I couldn't ask for a better designed ambulance than Wheeled Coach. Their sales and support teams have been extremely responsive whenever we have needed them. I would refer this company to anybody looking to buy an ambulance. They are an excellent company to deal with."
Robert LaFaver
R.B. Lawrence Ambulance
Canton, NY
"We are a small volunteer squad. We have been running Wheeled Coach units since 1990 mainly for their quality and workmanship. When you only have 2 units downtime is not an option. Our Wheeled Coaches have not let us down yet."
Captain Patrick Craig
Pacolet Mills Rescue Squad, Inc.
Pacolet Mills, SC
"Simply put, Wheeled Coach's quality and design saves lives. The proof? I have two employees who, after a 2-1/2 violent rollover, go home to their families only because of the structural integrity of their ambulances."
Bill Thompson
St. Peter's Hospital
Helena, MT
Wheeled Coach is dedicated to the safety of responders, patients and members of the community alike.
Austin-Travis County EMS
Austin, TX
We have purchased our third F450 ambulance from Wheeled Coach this year. We are so happy with the quality of construction and safety features in these rigs. Our Medics are all happier performing their duties in the Wheeled Coach ambulances. Jeff LeBeda was very helpful in the spec process and with any follow ups along the way.
Christine Tregoning
Oak Lawn Fire and Rescue
Oak Lawn, IL