EMS providers have long searched for an ambulance that is lightweight, packed with safety features and economical to operate. Wheeled Coach has responded with the newly designed Sprinter. Utilizing the Mercedes Sprinter platform that features one of the world’s cleanest diesel engines, improved fuel economy, along with ABS brakes and acceleration skid control (ASR), Wheeled Coach offers a vehicle that is economical and affordable yet at the same time addresses the unique demands of EMS. 

Printed Circuit Board
Eliminates more than 300 wire crimps and connections to minimize failure areas.

Corner Cap Lights
Provides 360-degree lighting coverage. Also available with optional strobe or LED package.

DuraLite Cabinets
Customized to exact specifications, this dowel-type construction provides excellent joint stability and durability.

Seamless Doors
New reinforced, smooth operating pan-formed style doors feature non-adhesive extruded gaskets with new Max-Grip automotive door handles.