Dear Valued Wheeled Coach Owner

Your satisfaction with your Wheeled Coach ownership experience is important to us. In order to continue to provide you the best service possible, we would appreciate your feedback on your recent purchase experience. (Within the last year please.)

To show our appreciation for filling out this survey please choose one of the following six items:

1. One Ball cap, blue w/red lettering and logo
2. One Luna cap, khaki w/ forest bill
3. Four cup holders
4. Four coffee mugs
5. Four travel mugs with lid
6. One mug, 11 oz diamond plate style

Rate your experince from 1 to 5, where 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.
Your salesperson's professionalism:
Your salesperson's knowledge and experience.
The amount of assistance you received in developing specifications.
Your salesperson's overall attitude and demeanor.
The overall level of service you received during the sales process.
The appearance of the vehicle at delivery.
The accuracy of the vehicle to what you ordered.
The lead time between order and delivery.
The operation of the chassis/mechanical operation.
The operation of the patient module and electrical systems.
The overall quality of the patient module.
The overall usability of the features and options you selected.
How likely are you to purchase from Wheeled Coach again?
How likely are you to recommend Wheeled Coach to other providers?
How would you rate your complete experience with Wheeled Coach?