Leading the ambulance industry with sustainable, fuel-efficient electric vehicles.

Wheeled Coach ambulance has partnered with Lightning eMotors, a provider of premium commercial electric vehicle power trains,
to build our Type II battery electric ambulance. The power train components, batteries and power electronics are proven with on-road validation, with the electric motors providing industry-leading power and torque performance. Utilizing this battery electric chassis conversion, Wheeled Coach completes the ambulance per the customer’s order requirements.


  • Utilizes a three-phase permanent magnet electric traction motor


  • Fewer moving parts, leading to fewer required preventative maintenance tasks and lower overall service costs versus internal combustion engines


  • Uses precision active thermal management to control battery temperatures, delivering improved performance, safety and longer battery life


  • Direct Current fast charging at up to 80 kWh (DCFC) allows 80% charging in as few as 45 minutes3
  • More readily available Alternating Current charging can accept up to 13.2 kW charging rate.
  • Industry-standard SAE J1772 CCS1 combo charging connector


  • Electric vehicles capture energy, using regenerative braking, where the electric motor acts as a generator to slow the vehicle and recharge the batteries.
  • Reduces brake wear


  • Offered on Ford T350 Transit, High Roof, Extended Length and Dual Rear Wheels minimum 10,360# GVWR
    • Affords increased interior headroom and overall space for crews to provide better patient care
  • Powered by Lightning eMotors power train, a million-mile proven EV technology
  • No gas or diesel required, all electric operation
  • Great for operating in air quality-controlled areas—no tailpipe emissions
  • 100- to 140-mile range1
  • Software-limited 65 mph maximum speed
  • Peak motor power from 215 HP/Peak torque range of 733 lb-ft2
  • 80 kWh battery capacity
  • Level II Alternating Current charging or Direct Current fast charging
  • All onboard equipment reliably powered by Lightning’s high voltage battery systems
  • Lightning eMotor’s 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty on power train components including batteries
  • All commercially available Lightning power trains are CARB certified

1All-electric range can vary depending on route or drive cycle, environmental conditions, vehicle or equipment configurations, and driver behavior.
2Depending on platform.
3Charge time depends on the platform, charging station output and total kWh battery capacity.

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