Decades of Innovation

The Wheeled Coach Difference

At Wheeled Coach, we have a legacy of innovating industry-first features, technologies, and processes to offer some of the most revolutionary products on the market today. The only option we don’t offer is compromise.

By listening to customer needs, we’ve developed mission-critical features that many of the largest fire and emergency departments in the country depend on in their life-saving work. Whether we’re building a 200-unit order for the U.S. Government or a single unit order that looks as good as it performs, every Wheeled Coach ambulance is built tough and to each customer’s requirements.

No matter what you need in your next ambulance, know that Wheeled Coach is listening. For proof, explore our ever-growing list of advancements and exclusive features

Industry-Leading Safety Features

Our highly reinforced but ultra-light SafeGuard™ box frame creates one of the strongest, safest, and most durable ambulance bodies around.

In the event of a crash, our exclusive SafePass™ Safety System gives crews a direct release tab for exiting the ambulance, while our Per4Max® restraint system provides controlled deceleration to protect EMTs. The one-buckle design allows for easy on and quick egress without sacrificing the freedom of movement needed for uninterrupted patient care.

Innovative Lighting

Our proprietary Corner Cap Lighting System provides 360-degree lighting coverage for our Type 1 and Type 3 models from both the ground and air. Its design also protects the DOT marker lights and provides stress relief to minimize damage in the event of an accident.

On our Type 2 ambulances, the EnterSafe™ Top is the only 45-degree lighting system that forces more light out in front and to the sides of the ambulance. An industry first, it increases intersection safety by improving ambulance visibility for other drivers on the road.

Precise, Durable Construction

Our DuraSeam™ door construction eliminates extrusions typically found on ambulances by incorporating the door jamb into the one-piece, seamless side skin. By eliminating seams, we also eliminate crevice corrosion, enhancing the paint finish on the vehicle. All together this adds to the structural integrity and strength of the box, increasing safety for all passengers.

We’re so confident in the solid construction of our interior DuraLite cabinets that they are covered by warranty for as long as the vehicle is owned by the original customer. Choose from CNC-cut, marine-grade plywood thermolite cabinets or customizable aluminum cabinets. Cabinet interiors are constructed with wooden dowels rather than the industry standard staples, and all exposed edges are heat-banded, and all hinge hardware is hidden for a smooth finish.

Superior Anti-Corrosion Protection

Our proprietary nine-step ToughCoat™ paint process employs precision application and a revolutionary high-tech primer with adhesion and anti-corrosive properties never before achieved. Other layers of anti-corrosion protection include a one-piece aluminum skin; engineered pre-paint, pre-punched holes; and SermaGard® ceramic-coated bolts. Combined, all these features make for construction that can stand up to the most demanding conditions.

Efficient Performance

Our patented Cool-Bar™ AC System boasts 30% greater condensing capability, 30% greater BTU capacity, and 50% greater air flow. An external condenser mounted on the front of the module body, it provides easy access and enables multiple warning light options for maximum visibility and flexibility.

Our ambulances are also available with the optional ZeroRPM idle mitigation system. Designed to virtually eliminate costly, harmful vehicle idling, it enables ambulances to function the same when parked whether the engine is running or not.

A Wheeled Coach employee standing in front of an ambulance with back doors open


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