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The most TRUSTED airbag system used in fire apparatus, RollTek is available on select Wheeled Coach ambulances. This special airbag system, combined with the exclusive Per4Max® 4-point restraint system, allows EMTs/Paramedics to do their jobs with the confidence of knowing they will be protected in the event of a rollover.* RollTek for Wheeled Coach was developed in partnership with IMMI, a global leader in safety.

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Available as optional equipment on most
Type I, Type III and Medium-Duty ambulances.


Closeup of RollTek Airbag and mannequin head in front of airbag
  • Improves the chances of walking away from the deadliest type of crash EMTs/Paramedics can face— a rollover*
  • Combines side airbag protection with Per4Max® seat belts
    • Per4Max® is the exclusive 4-point restraint system with controlled deceleration which provides EMS practitioners more freedom to do their jobs while safely buckled in
  • RollTek airbags cushion the head and neck in a rollover
    • Deploys in 0.25 seconds in a rollover to significantly reduce the potential for serious injury or death*
  • Developed in partnership with IMMI®, a global leader in safety
  • Meets or exceeds all safety standards for ambulances, fire apparatus and commercial trucks*
    • Extensively tested by the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE)
  • Available for most crew positions in the back of the ambulance1

*Source: | 1Depending on specific ambulance seat and cabinet positions

RollTek Airbags deployed in ambulance with mannequin in seat

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